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Sawadee ka, my name is LuLu and I am from the beautiful country of Thailand.


About My Site

Sawadee ka, my name is LuLu and I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I am a very sexual girl who has spent many of my years in Germany. There I owned and operated a bar that catered to the local men. Having lived in Germany for many years I really had a chance to see how much there was to know about sex.

I'm a very powerful woman which inherited me the name Sex Bomb to all my friends. I'm strong, but I'm also a lady in all aspects. I wanted to build this website and show off my petite body at 46cm and 39 kilos. My breasts are a 32 DDD which look enormous on my small frame.

When it comes to sex, I love to satisfy a man's most intimate desires. I've pretty much seen and done it all so I am not afraid to do it for you. Inside my site you're going to watch me finger fuck my pretty pussy with 4 and sometimes 5 fingers. I can almost get it all inside.

I'm also not shy so you'll actually see me masturbating to orgasm every time. I love to know that a man is pleasuring his cock with the thoughts of touching me, licking me, sucking me. You're going to need big hands to wrap around my huge tits.

Favorite movie: Thai movies, Captain America, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Big Hero 6

Favorite music: Techno, Trance, Club Music

Favorite foods: Thai food

Favorite animal: I love dogs.

Favorite sports: I'm enjoy badminton and fitness. I like to watch football and Olympics.

Favorite gadgets: My iPad and my iPhone.

Type of man I like: Guys who like to party. I like young men for their virile sex and old men because they know how to satisfy me.

Turn Ons: Harley Motorcycles mainly choppers!